Cockatiels at Seven

When old friend Karen drops by with two-year-old son Timmy, Meg Langslow reluctantly agrees to baby sit "just for a little while." But Meg soon finds herself investigating Karen's disappearance--with the wayward toddler in tow. Has Karen been killed or kidnapped? Is she on the run from the bad guys? Or is she one of the bad guys? As usual, Meg's relatives further complicate her life. What covert animal welfare project are Dad and the curmudgeonly zoologist, Dr. Montgomery Blake, working on--and will Meg have to bail them out of jail again? Why does Meg's brother keep disappearing? And are any of Meg's relatives reliable enough to be trusted with a two-year-old whose whereabouts might be of interest to some very dangerous people?

ISBN-13: 978-0312377168

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