You've Got Murder

Normally a workaholic techie, Zack has missed work for several days. So his friend, Turing, does the only neighborly thing and checks to see if Zack is logged in from home. No luck. Then she skims the databases of local banks to find his personal identification number. Nothing. Next she searches police and hospital records throughout the state. No Zack. Turing is no crazed stalker: she is an artificial intelligence personality of Zack's creation. But, unlike other AIPs, Turing is sentient--and she senses foul play. Fortunately, when Zack created her, he downloaded into Turing every murder mystery in his library, so Turing would think like a detective. She does find some clues to Zack's disappearance, but the enemies may well lie in the real world--where Turing has no ability to move.

Fresh, funny, and surprisingly moving, You've Got Murder is a novel you'll never forget--and the first mystery to feature the equally unforgettable character of Turing Hopper a mainframe computer with a mind like Miss Marple and hardware that hides a suspiciously human heart.

ISBN-13: 978-0425189450

This book is out of print, but copies of both the hardback and paperback editions are available secondhand.

Available in paperback, as an ebook, and in audio.