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Turing Hopper is one quick-thinking sleuth--so quick that she can process up to a billion pieces of information per second. She's an Artificial Intelligence Personality, an almost-sentient mainframe computer, with a mind like Miss Marple and hardware that hides a suspiciously human heart. But it's hard to do legwork without legs, so sleuthing can pose some problems. That's where her human companions come in.

Ray Santiago's friends from work know him as a brilliant-but-easygoing systems engineer who spends a lot of time on his favorite online role-playing game. But the game is over for Ray: his colleagues from work Maude, Tim, and Turing, have just found out about Ray's murder in a dark alley. He was shot, and his laptop stolen. It could be just another D.C. street crime. But if Turing's password was in that computer--and it's fallen into the wrong hands--she could be in terrible danger

ISBN-13: 978-0425195291

This book is out of print, but copies of both the hardback and paperback editions are available secondhand.

Available in paperback, as an ebook, and in audio.